Gary and his wife Sylvia have been married 42 years. They are the parents of two sons, Duane and Kevin and very proud grandparents to Duane and Linda’s children, Ashley, Kayla and Taylor and Kevin and Laurie’s children, Braydon, Ryan and Marisa.

Since they married in 1967, Gary and Sylvia have dedicated their lives to helping others discover timeless principles from God’s word. While they were missionaries to Canada from 1971-1980, they founded two churches and two private Christian schools.

In 1980 they founded New Life dynamics Christian Counseling Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico and expanded a second office in Phoenix, Arizona in 1990. Gary served as president and director until May of 2003. Another highlight of his counseling, teaching and speaking career is that he was the host of the daily life radio talk show, “Life Mastery Radio with Dr. Gary” for over 20 years.

He has personally helped over 10,000 people gain their mental and emotional freedom from the “Rejection Syndrome”. He is known as a motivational speaker who offers sound effective principles that give direction in both personal and professional lives. With his quick sense of humor and myriad of human interest stories, Gary conveys his message in an entertaining and inspirational manner.

Dr. Lawrence only coaches with clients on a very selective basis. For information he can be reached at 602-315-0844 or at winwithgary@yahoo.com




Dr. Gary L. Lawrence and
his wife Sylvia

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